No Limits

Without much earth left to discover, iconic Minnesota explorers such as Will Steger, Ann Bancroft, and Dan Buettner are cracking open “discovery” to include science, politics, and the future of education

Minnesota Monthly, February 2018

Superiority Complex

Famously cold and frighteningly massive, Lake Superior contains 10 percent of the world’s surface freshwater, holds the remains of 6,000 shipwrecks, and offers a lifetime of adventure. Stephanie Pearson sets out to circumnavigate America’s most overlooked playground. Photographs by Jen Judge

Outside, June 2017

Rock of Ages

How does an outdoors-loving aunt crack the hard city shell of two teenagers? Stephanie Pearson lets Mother Nature do the talking at New Mexico’s Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument

Dorado, May/June 2017

Good to Go

Whether you’re looking to push your physical limits with freediving in British Columbia or just lean back and cast on Montana’s greatest river, these 26 trips are guaranteed to make this your best travel year yet

Outside, April 2017

King of the Mountain

Dave Hahn has summitted Mount Everest 15 times, more than any other Westerner. Stephanie Pearson joins the modest mountaineering legend on his day job: patrolling the slopes of Taos, New Mexico

Dorado, January/February 2017

Fall Ride


Head down,

shoulders hunched,

wheels turning,

thighs burning,

brain churning on the beautiful ride.





fade to dust, rotting on the trail like autumn leaves, making space for joy.