The Green Heaven

That’s what they call the southern Indian state of Kerala, a laid-back tropical paradise where you can paddle hidden backwaters, trek the rugged Western Ghats, look for tigers, indulge in Ayurvedic treatments, and chill out on unspoiled beaches. Just leave your manic Western self behind. Photographs by Chiara Goia

Outside, February 2015

Something in the Water

Readers selected each of the 16 finalists in our 2014 Best Town Ever competition. The picks have a lot in common: thriving food scenes, walkable neighborhoods, and, of course, incredible access to trails, rivers, mountains, and lakes. But no place brings it all together like our winner: Duluth, Minnesota.
Photographs by Peter Frank Edwards
Outside, September 2014

The Devil Made Me Do It

A fascination with a cartoon animal and a Class V river lured her to the empty wilderness of Tasmania. Turns out the raw side of Down Under offers an amazing number of pristine places to camp, surf, hike, mountain bike, and kayak. STEP H A N I E P E A R SON goes all in.

Outside, February 2014

This is 48

Surf icon Dave Kalama is still riding 60-foot waves and winning stand-up-paddleboarding races two years shy of his 50th birthday. What’s his secret? STEPHANIE PEARSON enlists at the waterman’s legendary North Shore camp, where he serves up nonnegotiable commandments for lifelong fitness—and lots and lots of crunches. Photograph by ROBERT MAXWELL

, October 2013

Love in the Time of Coca

No country on earth is more geographically blessed than Colombia, with its high-altitude peaks, lush jungles, pristine beaches, wildlife-rich rainforest, and strong coffee. Now that the guerrillas of the FARC are moving toward a peace accord, the land of cocaine and kidnappings may become the best unexplored haven in South America. Photographs by Joao Canziani

, January 2013